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Our Academics

Frog Street Pre-K is a comprehensive, research-based program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. The program is engaging for both teachers and children and is easy to implement!

Our students begin the day learning phonetics and how to spell and write their own name. We learn about each letter and the sounds that they make to ensure our children are prepared for kindergarten.


Children in early childhood classrooms experience science in a variety of ways.  They read science, sing science, and play science through their natural sense of curiosity and discovery. 


Teachers incorporate hands-on discovery activities throughout the day that encourage children to see, touch, feel, and manipulate science concepts.


Not only do we instruct children on words by reading to them, but we also have advanced instruction on how to trace and eventually write letters on their own.

Learn Through Play

Here at Child & Family Services inc, we believe children learn best through play. They absorb crucial fundamentals through activities they enjoy. All of our learning centers in the classroom are designed as play areas for the children.


Some may say Pre-k is to early for mathematics but we stress the importance of counting, adding, and subtracting. This helps us know that we are preparing children for kindergarten.

Physical Education

Health and Fitness are very important to our agency.  We provide a "Move and Learn" MixxedFit class every Tuesday and Thursday. This class allows children to dance which increases their gross motor skills as well as their hand eye coordination.

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